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Greetings!  I'm A.F. McAllister, or more commonly known as Andrea.  I appreciate your visit today.

I offer over seven years of freelance editorial experience, and I edit anything written in the English language.  This includes novels, short stories, business materials, website content, essays, letters, newspaper articles, and more.


I specialize in maintaining the author's unique voice while enhancing the writing.  With a keen eye for details, consistency and the purpose of the piece will be clearly stated.   


Why work with me?

  1. I'm passionate about working with authors and making their words shine.

  2. I offer my clients the trained eye of a professional editor with years of experience.

  3. I am a fellow author, so I understand how difficult it can be to share your work.  I keep this in mind when providing feedback in a respectful and kind way.

Professional Background

After graduating summa cum laude from Liberty University with my B.S. in English and Writing, I continued at Liberty University and earned my M.A. in Professional Writing with the accolade, graduate with highest distinction.


As I stated above, I have been editing professionally for over seven years.  I'm a full-time freelance editor, which means your manuscript will be my primary focus.


I'm a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and I'm a Co-coordinator/Treasurer of the Wright Writers of Dayton

A Bit More

In my spare time, I write and run D&D campaigns, game with my two adult sons and my sixteen-year-old son, work on my own novels, read, and throw a ball dozens of times every day for my German Shepherd.

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