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Fantasy Author

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The Book

An old, tattered, and timeworn cover,

That cradle pages wrinkled and yellowed.

What stories inside will I discover?

A tale of woes or dragons mellowed?


Do I dare waltz into the unknown?

To follow unfamiliar cobbled roads,

And stumble upon a lone bloodstone throne.

To wake the wise, napping Paralithode.


Or to tumble into the rabbit hole,

Twisting upon itself; hiding the way.

When taking a stroll through lack of control,

In meandering pages to be swept away.


Spectacular wonders nurture the soul;

Entwining with the tale to make us whole.

-- A.F. McAllister


"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking a life through the wrong end of a telescope."

-- Dr. Seuss

Daily life is filled with difficult experiences and trials that can test the fortitude of even the strongest person.  Where can people turn for a break?  Where can they find rest from their struggles, if even for a moment?  In a book! 


What do you think?  Are tales of mythical worlds your idea of a perfect escape?  Will you take a leap into the unknown and pick up your next portal to a new place?

Grab a book -- where possibilities are limitless.

Where will your next adventure lead?

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